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Pilates Classes with Lauren Fois

Riders of all levels are becoming  increasingly aware of the benefits of core stability in all equestrian disciplines.  Pilates strengthens the abdominals and back muscles, which work to support the spine.  A general Pilates programme will develop the necessary postural alignment and balance, while specific exercises can enhance the ability to move one body part – say, the legs – without the need for major readjustment of the hips and torso.

Since a rider must cope with a horse moving both vertically and horizontally, core strength is vital, as is resilience within the body to maintain the ‘classical seat’.

Lauren  has been doing Pilates since her early teens and found it has helped her riding enormously.

Now a Level 3 qualified Body Control Pilates instructor herself,  she is offering individual and group Pilates classes run from Turville and the surrounding areas.  A one to one session is advisable if you have never done Pilates before and she will also be offering some taster classes.  Please e-mail Lauren direct on or see her face book page  A website is under construction.

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  1. Good luck with your classes Lauren! I will have to have a session with you when we are visiting with Euwe 🙂

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