Bring your own horse for lessons whether it be regular or an occasional top up. As well as helping dressage riders we have a number of event riders who have improved their dressage scores considerably after a few lessons. Lessons can be ridden or we can teach you how to work your horse In-Hand.in hand

We no longer do ridden lessons on our horses.

Please e-mail tvsclassic@aol.com with any requirements, or call Diane on 01491 638598

Training Liveries

We take horses in for short term schooling and ‘top ups’. We aim to produce the best from the horses incorporating some of the Portuguese Classical methods.

Teaching Spanish Walk which helps free up the shoulders.

Teaching Spanish Walk which helps free up the shoulders.

Sometimes work is done from the ground before we progress to ridden work getting the horse to work forward from behind and swinging through his back, to create engagement and lightness.


This work is not just for dressage. It helps all horses, giving them a good foundation from which to branch off from.

We treat every horse on the yard with the same care and attention and as if it were our own. We tailor their schooling accordingly.