Diabo sadly passed away on 21st January 2013




He made it to the grand old age of 28, but his legs could no longer keep up with him.

We first met Diabo when he was a wild five-year-old stallion in Portugal. His utter beauty and immense presence captured us instantly and we fell in love with him, so we went about bringing him back to Turville to start his training. It was evident right from the start that he was something special. The most intelligent of horses, he learnt everything so quickly and his movements were breath taking. As he performed, he appeared to float with grandeur and effortlessness that proved to be unmatchable not only to the innocent eye, but also in competition.

He won numerous prizes for breed classes at home and abroad and was five times British Champion Lusitano at the breed show. He won just about everything freestyle to music, often bringing tears to the eyes, and once went to Belgium and won every class he entered. His displays at Turville were ‘jaw dropping’; in fact Diabo was an inspiration to many people becoming fans of the Lusitano Horse and therefore promoted the breed in this country.

Out of the ring, he allowed a select, lucky few to experience his ride and learn something truly unforgettable. Those who were fortunate enough to ride him described it as experience like no other. This delight was quite often shared as a birthday gift, and the family children have had the honour to have their first ‘sit’ on Diabo.

He hung up his shoes a few years ago and earned the title  ‘King of the Yard’ as he made his way in and out of his stable to graze, sunbathe and chat to all of the other horses as he pleased. He was such a playful character; a horse who was loved and respected by everyone who met him (which was often rewarded with a carrot or two!)

Diabo was a King amongst Lusitanos. He was a noble gentleman to the end, whose beauty and flamboyance was second to none. He sired many sons and daughters all over the world, many who have had international successes, so his legacy lives on.

There will never be another Diabo; he will be so sadly missed.

He was a true legend that can never be replaced and certainly never forgotten.

See our facebook page for many lovely tributes from those who met him..

Lauren on Diabo

Diabo spent  five years in his retirement  wandering  around the yard, chatting to the other stallions over the doors and was , deservedly, completely spoilt!

Diabo sharing some Ben and Jerry ice cream!

Diabo sharing some Ben and Jerry ice cream whilst enjoying retirement



Diabo - salute

Diabo – salute

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