Highcliffe Apollo

The 16hh bay Hannoverian gelding came to us from his breeders in 2008. We started off with a lovely but rather nervous novice who blossomed under Diane’s  calm approach, patience and hours of training and in hand work  To this end we have now a very successful PSG schoolmaster. He has competed at junior and young rider internationals here and abroad, as well as taking Diane, Samantha and Joanna to the National Championships. He has been a permanent fixture in top placings at junior and young rider classes at premier leagues and under 25 championships. In 2015, he qualified for the Nationals after 3 outings, with Diane who hadn’t competed in 14 years, where they finished second at advanced medium level.

He is now for sale, as he is ready to teach others the advanced movements.

Joanna and Apollo at The Nationals 2011

Joanna and Apollo at The Nationals 2011









 1st Medium 70% Addington

1st Advanced Medium 66.57% Addington

7th  Medium Open Regionals – Addington

1st Advanced Medium Qualifier 2011 on 70%

1st Medium Qualifier 2011 on 65%

1st Patchetts Medium Qualifier, qualifying for the Regionals

2nd Advanced Medium on 68%

1st Patchetts Medium Open

2nd Medium qualifier

1st Elementary Pet Plan Restricted Regional Championships on 69%, qualifying for the Winter National Championships at Hartpury in April.

1st Medium Open Patchetts – 69%

Sheepgate. Winner best horse in junior Derby.