Training  Liveries

We aim to produce the best from the horses incorporating some of the Portuguese Classical methods. The emphasis being on the soft and gentle approach with some of the work being done from the ground.   We progress to ridden work getting the horse to work forward from behind and swinging through his back, to create engagement and lightness.   The results of these methods speak for themselves with home-produced horses winning many prestigious awards. (See Horses in Competition).

Lauren Fois and Oasis

This work is not just for dressage. It helps all horses, giving them a good foundation from which to branch off from. We are currently teaching a number of Eventers and Showjumpers and are schooling Lusitanos and Andalusians,  Fresians , Cleveland Bay, Warmbloods, T.B’s, Welsh Cobs, and Irish Sports Horses.

Horses can come in for schooling. They are taken through the stages of lateral movements including shoulder-in and half-pass, and some onto more advanced work such as Piaffe, Passage and Spanish walk.

Dallas, a Welsh Cob gelding performing Spanish Walk

Dallas, a Welsh Cob gelding performing Spanish Walk

We treat every horse on the yard with the same care and attention and as if it were our own. We tailor their schooling accordingly.

As there are a number of stallions on the yard we only take mares in for schooling during the winter months.