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Busy times at Turville

Sometimes we are so busy on the yard we neglect to update our web page… sorry. So here is a run down of the latest news.

Samantha has now returned from a year working with Carl Hester. She had an amazing experience and learnt so much and is now busy putting it into practice at home working young horses and teaching.  Last week she spent a couple of days training on The World Class programme at Addington.  She also recently took Highcliffe Apollo to Patchetts where they won the first Advanced Medium. Client Claire Randall and Tinks (Decree) won all their classes at Sheepgate Area Festival qualifying for the Pet Plan PSG championships and both the Adv/Med and PSG music classes with a top score of 74%.  Whilst Kate Lockwood and Susan Armstrong both had great days at Chiltern and Thames Championships. The South Oxfordshire Riding Club arranged a demo for their members here at the weekend on in-hand training. The young Zazu made his debut, with Apollo and the wonderful Fresian Euwe doing more advanced stuff.   Lauren has been out winning showjumping with Cole and has qualified for The Blue Chip Championships at Hartpury in April.   She is also getting busy with her Pilates teaching based with us.

New horses have been coming in for short term training and and existing clients coming back for top ups, all in all keeping us on our toes:)  More updates when I’ve got that yard swept!


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